Audi  has been very influential in the motor vehicle world through their continued efforts and ingenuity in the production of state of the art vehicles. The Audi Company has been manufacturing latest model of cars with great functionality, well improved engine capacity, greater maneuverability and beautiful interior as well as exterior features. The cars are ranked on the top ladder when it comes to aesthetic value as well as the best vehicle controls, durability and functionality. Throughout the years the […]

German brand-Cars


BMW, most renowned German brand car maker has won the laurels of car users all over the world with an earmarked presence on a global platform. As the company constantly works on the latest models of fuel-efficient cars, there is still a long way,to go on the technology arena to still and steer the interest of customers. Staying as one of leading brand, BMW cars have a magnificent presence in many countries and continue to retain its reputation with some […]

What should you do when in an accident?

There is nothing more unpleasant than being involved in a car crash. Not only does it potentially cause unwanted injuries but it starts to throw up other unnecessary thoughts such as getting a car fixed, sorting out insurance claims and even potentially adding points to your license. With all these potential worries, it’s important to act in the right manner and do some simple things to make life easier for everyone involved in the incident: Move out of harm’s way […]

Where are the best places to find used truck parts?

A quick guide to help buyers in Northern Ireland and Ireland find the right places to buy used truck parts. Body: When trucks are driven tens of thousands of miles every year, it’s only natural that the vehicle is going to break down at some point no matter how easy someone takes it. That’s why it is important to always have spare truck parts handy so that trucks can always be fixed as quick as possible should they break down […]

What the Truck is it all about?

What the Truck is it all about? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “truck”? Maybe the reality television programme for Eddie Stobart? Maybe the World’s Strongest Man contest and they pull a truck slowly across a finishing line or, for me, a monster truck? Ahhh, the days of Bigfoot! At Everything Motoring Ireland we decided to dig a little deeper in to the world of Trucks Northern Ireland and as we started to […]